As a researcher on the Foreign Desk at The Times, Jack fact-checked for lead foreign stories, created fact boxes, researched for visual aids and added copy when required.

Selected articles:

(FRONT PAGE STORY) – ‘Vladimir Putin flies in fearing his £32bn Winter Olympics will flop’ – Roger Boyes – The Times – 5th February 2013

‘Rivals weigh in for White House race with image overhaul’ –  David Taylor – The Times – 7th February 2013

‘Hurricane heavyweight chews out Dr Diet’ – Toby Harnden – The Sunday Times – 10th February 2013

‘Delegates pledge to clear their plates at Chinese party conference’ – Leo Lewis – The Times – 4th March 2013

‘Assad hints at retaliation over Israeli airstrikes’ – Nicholas Blanford – The Times – 7th May 2013

‘Al-Shabaab beats back US Seals after pre-dawn assault’ – Jerome Starkey, Alexandra Frean, Wil Crisp, Michael Evans – The Times – 7th October 2013

Other research:

  • Undertook research projects on journalist murders in the Caucasus, Iranian opposition groups, SPLM-N clashes in Sudan, a profile of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and grenade attacks on churches in Nairobi for the Risk Advisory Group in support of its intelligence analysts.
  • Produced analytical intelligence reports and daily and weekly risk alerts for a client audience of over 3,000 on piracy developments in the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Guinea and the Strait of Malacca for AKE Group. 
  • Obtained a distinction in my thesis at King’s College London on China’s first foreign military expedition for 500 years. Titled: Counter-Piracy Operations in the Indian Ocean: Accounting for Chinese Cooperation.