19/02/2016: The Al-Qaeda show, Newsweek (on cover).

12/02/2015: London calling, Newsweek. *

06/11/2015: The way of the knife, Newsweek.*

02/10/2015: 100 is just a number, Newsweek. *

10/07/2015: Foreign investment in Israel is halved after last summer’s bloody Gaza conflict, Newsweek.

26/06/2015: Britain’s €110m to fight Isis is an ineffective ‘token effort,’ complain senior military figures, Newsweek.

08/05/2015: Conversations with a Libyan people trafficker, Newsweek (on cover).

20/03/2015: Inside Derna, the ISIS naval base on the Mediterranean, Newsweek.

13/03/2015: Rise of ISIS threatens Libya’s classical archaeology sites, Newsweek.

06/03/2015: Australia’s $18m cyber war on jihadis recruiting online, Newsweek.

06/02/2015: ‘We will never let Arabs control these areas again’: The territorial dispute between the Kurds and Baghdad over recaptured areas from ISIS north of Mosul, Newsweek.

* US and Europe editions.