Three Years After Palestinian Teen's Killing, A Father Vows To Continue Fight For Justice

Siam Nuwara remembers the phone call on May 15, 2014, that would change his life forever. It was the office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the caller told him that an Israeli soldier had shot his 17-year-old son. His legs gave way.

“Please catch me,” he told his brother as he collapsed to the floor.

By the time Nuwara reached the government hospital in Ramallah, his son, Nadeem, was in surgery.  Minutes later, as friends and relatives gathered in the waiting room tried to usher him away, he glanced through a window into the operating room. His son, covered in a bloodied white blanket, was dead.

Nadeem had been participating in a protest to commemorate the Nakba, or “disaster” in Arabic —the anniversary of the 1948 foundation of Israel and the beginning of the Palestinian refugee problem—when he was killed. Video footage showed that Nadeem was unarmed and appeared to pose no threat.

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