'Tibi, Not Bibi': The Palestinian Who Stood Up To Pence On Why He Could Be The Region's Next Leader

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics revealed a figure on Monday that will concern the country’s nationalistic right wing: As many Muslims (6.5 million) now live alongside Jews (6.44 million) between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. But for one man in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian quagmire, that number is full of encouragement.

As the election of President Donald Trump and the policies of a right-wing Israeli coalition government render a two-state solution more distant than ever, Ahmad Tibi believes the region’s next leader could an Arab lawmaker. In one word, him.

“Tibi will be the prime minister, not Bibi. From the sea to the river, we are more. It’s a nightmare for the Israelis,” he said, referring to the nickname for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a one-state solution, the deputy speaker of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is confident that he would win enough votes if that state held equal rights for Arabs and Jews, and a one-person, one-vote system. But Israel will prevent this outcome, he predicted, speaking exclusively to Newsweek.

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