Inspired by Gandhi, a Palestinian Resists Israeli Settlements

Looking out from a dusty hilltop over the West Bank’s largest city, Hebron, Israeli flags pepper the rooftops below while a grey watchtower and a giant, symbolic Jewish menorah protrude toward¬†the sky on a ridge in the distance.

After being guided through the H2 zone by a series of blue and white markings on rocks and walls, we reach a house in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Tel Rumeida and encounter a small group of armed Israeli soldiers defending the adjacent settlement of Ramat Yishai.

“You cannot go in to see him!” shouts one of the soldiers positioned on a mound overlooking our destination as we arrive. Puzzled and nervous, we wait until another soldier with a 1990s-style bucket hat nods and points to the gate.

We’ve come to see Issa Amro, a Palestinian activist who is the founder of a non-violence movement, Youth Against Settlements.

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