In This Palestinian Slum, Trump Is The Devil

Standing on the narrow thoroughfare in Shuafat Refugee Camp in East Jerusalem, where cars and trucks rattle inches past one another, a teenage boy in a black tracksuit approaches while other Palestinian men gawp at his audience: two western outsiders.

“Kabush! Kabush!” the precocious Palestinian youth shouts, uttering “occupied” in Hebrew. He points to the muddied road, then to potholes, then to a pile of rubbish. “Everything is bad! We suffer under occupation!” he yells, switching to Arabic.

The residents of this Palestinian slum that has been cut off from the city by the Israeli wall, like the teen, are eager for the world to know of their plight. They say their overcrowded town-turned-city of around 80,000 people is being pushed out of Jerusalem, the core of any future Palestinian state, and into the West Bank. They fear their future is only going to get worse.

Khader Dibs, a senior member of Shuafat’s local committee, lights what feels like his tenth cigarette of the early afternoon at his dimly lit office inside the camp. Sitting back in a red chair in a dishevelled suit, the 53-year-old puffs away, laughing infectiously as he talks.

But his manner becomes serious and unsmiling upon the delivery of two words: Donald Trump.

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