How a Love of The Sea Led A German Couple Into The Hands of Pirates, ISIS And Death

In a jungle clearing in the southern Philippines, 70-year-old German national Jurgen Gustav Kantner, visibly ashen and dressed in a black jacket, kneeled as a masked man stood over him, a curved knife wrapped around his throat. He uttered his last words to camera: “Now he kill me.”

After the executioner beheaded Kanter, several gunmen surrounding him shouted “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great.” The perpetrators belonged to Abu Sayyaf, the Philippine militant group that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).

On February 27, the group released the one minute, 43-second video of Kantner’s killing. According to SITE Intelligence, the killing was carried out a day earlier on the southern island of Jolo in the Sulu Archipelago, when the group’s 3 p.m. deadline expired for the payment of a three million pesos ($600,000) ransom in return for his release.

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