Guantanamo Under Trump Is A New Hell, Says 70-Year-Old Inmate Held For 13 Years

On October 15, 2017, 25 guards rushed into Saifullah Paracha’s cell, one holding a video camera. They forced him onto his stomach before strapping him to a stretcher. He was handcuffed, hoisted out of the lock-up and taken to a cell in solitary confinement.

At 70, Paracha is Guantanamo Bay’s oldest prisoner. A former businessman from Pakistan, he is accused by the U.S. authorities of helping Al-Qaeda and has been detained at the U.S.-run camp in southeast Cuba for 13 years.

After his “force cell extraction” by guards, Paracha said he languished alone in a cell for three days. It was the first time he had received this kind of treatment in over a decade.

Paracha believes the harsh treatment is a direct result of the changing of the guard in Washington, and the election of Donald Trump as president.

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