Exclusive: EgyptAir Co-Pilot On His Ordeal Alone With Hijacker

On the morning of Tuesday, March 29, Hamad el Kaddah woke up and ate a quick breakfast before leaving his hotel for the Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria, Egypt. It was an unexceptional morning for the EgyptAir pilot, who has made this journey hundreds of times in his five years with the company.

The day would end with Kaddah being the final person on the plane—other than a hijacker—before the world’s media pictured him dramatically jumping out of the Airbus 320’s cockpit window onto the tarmac at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. The man who studied to become a pilot at flight school for Monarch Airlines in Addison, Texas, had not been taught how to negotiate with hijackers. He had previously read about how to handle a hostage situation but, today, he would learn the hard way.

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