Exclusive: Aylan Kurdi’s Mom Said Destination Was Germany In Final Call

Exclusive: Aylan Kurdi's Mom Said Destination Was Germany In Final Call

The Syrian mother who died at sea with her two sons attempting to reach the Greek mainland earlier this week revealed that the family’s final destination was Germany in a heartbreaking final phone-call a day before their tragic deaths, her father told Newsweek in an exclusive interview late Thursday.

Sexo Seno Kurdi, the grandfather of Aylan and Galip Kurdi, the brothers photographed washed up on a Turkish beach on Wednesday, said that after his conversation with his daughter, Rehan, who dreamed of a new life in Europe, the next call he would receive would be to deliver the horrifying news that she was dead at sea.

“The day before she drowned she talked to me and said that their end destination was Germany and that they would take the boat either in the morning or the day after,” says Kurdi, crying in his house in Kobane. “The next telephone call was about how they had drowned. My daughter had drowned, she jumped after her children.”

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