After Cyclone Idai, A Mozambican Morgue Works Around The Clock

As Manuel Gimoeo walks out of the depths of Beira’s municipal morgue, draped in a blue bodysuit and orange gloves, a co-worker shouts to him and calls him “chefe,” Portuguese for boss.

The grey-bearded, portly man is the director of the central coastal city’s only depository for bodies, and his team of 22 staffers are working around the clock to deal with the influx of victims killed by Cyclone Idai, which devastated this area of Mozambique last week.

“The work has been quite busy because a lot of bodies have come in and also bodies going out,” he said.

It has been a “very difficult job,” he said, the most arduous since he has been the director of the morgue. “Because it’s never happened [before], it’s an event that scared many people. For us the work has been very intense.”

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